Gate and Access Policy


Sierra Park is a gated community. Gate Access cards should be passed from owner to owners at time of sale. If those cards are lost, stolen or otherwise fail to function they must be replaced at the owner’s expense. Additional cards can be purchased. Property owners may also purchase, battery powered remote transmitters, i.e. ‘clicker’. Cards and clickers are sold at OFSRA cost.

Property owners are allowed up to a total of 6 entry devices unless a request is made to the Gate Administrator for accommodation of more due to multiple owners or family members.

As posted at the gate, it is monitored by video camera (entry and exit).



Visitors, contractors, etc. coming to a particular property in the Park can type in the property owner’s name into a keypad at the gate and ‘ring’ the phone of the property owner.

To get your name and phone number added to the Gate Directory this information needs to be provided by the property owner (name, property address and phone number) and given to the Gate Administrator for input into the gate system’s database. It takes 24 hours after this information is provided to the Administrator for system input and to become active.

To allow entry when someone calls from the gate using the Gate Directory, the property owner can dial “ * 9 ” into their phone at the time of the call and the gate will open (listen to the ‘beep’ for the signal to activate the gate and then hang up your phone). If no one answers the call on the home line or dials in “ * 9 “ of course the gate will not open.

Recommendation: Cell phone reception in the Park is problematic so it is recommended that a land-line phone number at the residence be used in the gate system’s data base.

The gate is also equipped with an optional 3-digit Entry Code dial-up capability allowing an owner’s designated 3-digit number to be typed into the gate’s keypad, then press “call”. This shortcuts the need to dial the full 10 digit land-line number of the residence. A property owner will be assigned a code (3 digits) to provide to expected guests or contractors. The home phone will ring and when the property owner dials “ * 9 ” the gate will open.

If an owner wishes to have a contractor or some one else, i.e., weekend renter, have short-term access to their property they may provide them with a card or clicker. However, it is the owner’s responsibility to make sure the entity (contractor or other) to which it was provided is aware of and follows Park rules and that the card or clicker be returned to them.

REMINDER: It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify the OFSRA if an entry device is lost or stolen so that it can be deactivated. Gate system costs are dependent on how many devices have been issued and active. It is in the interest of all to manage those costs. Unless the Gate Administrator is notified, any misuse of the entry device is the sole responsibility of the property owner and any damage to property or use of Sierra Park property by unauthorized person or persons will be the responsibility of that property owner. If questionable activity occurs the Gate entry codes and the video recordings (entry and exit) will be reviewed by the authorities.

Others with Access Needs

It is acknowledged that from time to time, general use vendors (Fed Ex, USPS, Propane Companies, etc.), contractors, consultants, providing services for the Water and/or Services Companies may be provided an Entry Code or Card under strict use guidelines. This is done most sparingly and requires the vendor to provide specific information so their particular code/card’s use can be monitored. If it is determined that a code or card is compromised in some way, the Gate Administrator will either assign a new code/card, or removed the vendor’s assigned code or deactivate the card from the system.

EMERGENCY VEHICLES, SHERIFFY DEPARMENT AND FIRST RESPONDERS: Other entities, as noted, are provided an Entry Code that allows them access when necessary. They may also be able to “lock” the Gate in an open-position to allow speedier access/entry and exit if and as needed.

SPECIAL NEEDS VEHICLES: Some residents use transportation that allows for handicapped or special needs riders. Accommodation has been made for those transportation vehicles, they are provided an access entry code.

For additional information on gate access policy and procedures or to obtain a Contractor Gate Access Agreement Form


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This policy is effective 10/1/2015 and is subject to change by Board of Directors action at any time.