Recreation Hall Rental

  1. Rental must be by a property owner only. The property owner must be present during the event.
  2. Recreation Hall occupancy limit is 120 people.
  3. Request to be sent in writing to the OFSRA Inc. Board of Directors fifteen (15) days prior to event.
  4. Fees:
    1. A one thousand dollar ($1,000) rental fee (single day event) for the Recreation Hall/Lodge.
    2. A one thousand dollar ($1,000) deposit, one week in advance of the event.
    3. A $1,000,0000 liability insurance coverage for the event listing Odd Fellows Sierra Recreation Association, Inc as an Additional insured. Must provide with the deposit.
  5. Deposit refunded if Director in Charge determines that the hall is left clean and nothing is damaged or missing.
  6. Event must end no later than 10:00 P.M. unless otherwise negotiated in advance with the board.
  7. Alcohol is permitted in accordance with state laws. However, if it is to be served and/or sold, a proper dispensing license as required by the state is required and must be provided with the deposit.

For date(s) availability and reservation hold please contact OFSRA at 209-396-3079 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.