Rules and Regulations



October 2015





In any community rules are necessary in order to create a safe environment and promote harmony between all residents. By following the rules, all residents will contribute to making our community a pleasant and enjoyable place. Property owners are responsible for understanding and following the rules as well as being responsible for the actions of family members, guests and renters. Some of these rules are related to state laws, including those intended to prevent unsafe behaviors like speeding, annoying ones such as excessive noise, or costly ones like illegal dumping. The Park will aid the Sheriff’s office in enforcing them to the full extent of the law for your safety, community harmony and to minimize costs for all residents.


  1. Recreation Areas:

    Recreation Hall (Lodge) and Picnic / Barbeque Grounds

    1. Recreation Hall Rental

      1. Rental must be by a property owner only. The property owner must be present during the event.

      2. Recreation Hall occupancy limit is 120 people.

      3. Request to be sent in writing to the OFSRA Board of Directors fifteen (15) days prior to event.

      4. Fees:

        1. A one thousand dollar ($1,000) rental fee (single day event) for the Recreation Hall/Lodge.

        2. A one thousand dollar ($1,000) deposit, one week in advance of the event.

        3. A $1,000,0000 liability insurance coverage for the event listing Odd Fellows Sierra Recreation Association, Inc as an Additional insured. Must provide with the deposit.

      5. Deposit refunded if Director in Charge determines that the hall is left clean and nothing is damaged or missing.

      6. Event must end no later than 10:00 P.M. unless otherwise negotiated in advance with the board.

      7. Alcohol is permitted in accordance with state laws. However, if it is to be served and/or sold, a proper dispensing license as required by the state is required and must be provided with the deposit.

    2. Picnic / Barbeque Area

      1. Rental must be by a property owner only. The property owner must be present at all times during the event.

      2. Request to be sent in writing to the OFSRA Board of Directors fifteen (15) days prior to event. Board may waive advance notice time period if facility is not already reserved.

      3. Fee: Fifty ($50) rental fee at time of request, which will be refunded when the picnic area and porta-potty is clean and neat with all trash taken to dumpster.

      4. Driving to the backside of the barbeque pit is permitted (dirt road behind the lodge) for it is reserved to provide handicap access to the area. It can be used to drop off/pick up of supplies for events. This area is NOT to be used for casual parking of vehicles other than those (limit 2) dropping off or retrieving supplies except as otherwise noted.

      5. If barbeque pit is used for cooking (briquettes only no wood), the fire must be substantially out prior to leaving the area. Ashes should be left in the barbeque so as to prevent inadvertent grass fire during attempts to remove them. The caretaker will remove the cooled ashes at a later time.


        Prohibited Activities while renting the Recreation Hall or Picnic Areas

        1. Driving or parking any motor vehicles off of paved roads or outside of designated parking places. Parallel parking along Wheeler Road during events is permitted.

        2. Operation of any device (radio, generator, amplifiers, etc.) which emits sound at such a high level that it would create excessive noise that would unreasonably disturb any other owner’s or tenant’s enjoyment, is 80 decibels (EDBA) or greater, or exceeds a level deemed inappropriate by the Director In Charge.

        3. The removal of any Park property.

        4. The use of any supplies belonging to the Park in the lodge such as paper plates, coffee supplies, etc..

        5. Open fires outside of the picnic area BBQ pit.

        6. Use of facilities by unsupervised children under the age of 5.

        7. Violation of these rules can and will lead to the inability of renter to have access to the facilities in the future.


    3. Playground, Basketball Court and Baseball Diamond

      1. These areas are available on a first-come, first-served basis – no reservations or fees required.

      2. If play equipment is available, use if you like but please return it for next user.

        PLEASE -

        1. No illegal, noxious or offensive activities and behaviors that would become an unreasonable annoyance to others shall be carried out or conducted including excessive noise, barking dogs or offensive verbal and physical gestures to fellow users. If this is violated property owners will be contacted in an attempt to resolve the problem.

        2. No use of facilities by unattended children under the age of 5.

        3. No unsafe behaviors including gymnastics or unsafe climbing.

        4. No skateboards, bicycles or other wheeled toys are allowed on the basketball court. They destroy the striping and it’s expensive to repair.

        5. Do not remove bases or pitcher mound.


    4. Dogs and Dog Park

      1. Dogs in the Park are required to be on a leash at all times and under control in accordance with county ordinances.

      2. Dogs cannot be left unattended in the dog park.

      3. Dogs using the dog park need to have had their vaccinations and be current with regard to veterinary care.

      4. Dogs are allowed off leash in the confines of the dog park.

      5. Dog park rules are posted there – please follow.

      6. Pick up after your dog.


    5. Lake Area

      1. For use by owners, their guests and renters only.

      2. For the safety of children there will be no use of the lake area by unsupervised children who are under the age of 12.

      3. No lifeguards are on duty.

      4. Picnic tables, shelter, barbeque and volleyball court are available on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations required.

      5. No fires allowed out side of the barbeques.

      6. If barbeque is used (briquettes only no wood) fire must be extinguished before leaving area.

      7. Clean up after yourself and your guests; use garbage containers provided.

      8. Fishing is allowed for anyone 15 years of age or younger, unless otherwise posted. A California State Fishing license is required for any one older than 15.

        Prohibited Activities

        1. Nude swimming or sunbathing

        2. Dogs or other animals in or around the lake pursuant to Tuolumne Health Department regulations

        3. Motorized craft other than small radio-controlled toys

        4. Behavior that endangers or interferes with the safety of others

        5. Unattended children within 10 feet of water or ice’s edge

        6. Leaving any personal items in or around lake or area overnight including but not limited to personal rafts, paddle boats, shade canopies, etc. [One night exception for Fishing Derby.]

        7. Diving into the lake from docks or shore

        8. Driving to the beach/lake from the parking lot to drop off or retrieve stuff.

        9. In winter, walking on the ice at the lake.


  2. Pine Needle Dump

    The pine needle dump is available to all Park property owners for the disposal of pine needles accumulated on their own property.

    The OFSRA Inc. makes every attempt to sell this material to a third party who in the past has ground it up on site and hauled it to a cogeneration facility to burn as fuel. If this is done the Park’s pine needle management costs are reduced. If this is not an option then the waste must be hauled off at greater cost.

    Regardless, the Park’s costs are kept in check if -

    1. Only ‘green waste’ is dumped here,

    2. Green waste is any vegetative material cleaned up from around an owner’s property. There is a four (4) inch diameter limit on the size of branches or tree trunk material that can be dumped. Larger size material must be hauled and disposed of elsewhere,

    3. Construction materials, even if wood e.g. 2X4s etc. or other wood items such as plywood or pallets are not allowed.

    4. No metal, concrete, or furniture is to be dumped there.

    5. Please deposit your green waste as far back into the dump as possible to allow those after you to do the same.


  3. Garbage and Ash Disposal

    1. A centralized animal proof garbage disposal dumpster is located in the parking lot near the basketball court. A fireplace/pit wood and barbeque briquet ash can (55 gal. barrel) is also there.

    2. No household garbage should be left outside of a house if it is not in an animal proof container. If/when an animal finds a ‘free lunch’ they are almost certain to return again – and may bring friends and relatives.

      Garbage Dumpster:

      1. ALLOWED : typical household garbage only – food scraps, paper goods, cans, glass, plastic bottles, etc. Please be neat and put all waste into the container.

      2. NOT ALLOWED : appliances of any size, furniture, building materials, mattresses, rugs, etc., any hazardous waste material, e.g., oil, paint, batteries, TVs, computers, electronic equipment. Any and all of NOT ALLOWED materials must disposed of properly and legally –Property owners or renters must take such items to an authorized waste disposal facility such as the Cal Sierra Waste Transfer Station, 19309 Industrial Drive, in Sonora.

      3. If wishing to recycle, recycle materials may be taken to any recycling facility such as the Sonora recycling center.

    Ash Disposal:

    1. Any spent ash material from burning in a fire pit/place barbeque must be deposited in the designated ash can at the trash dumpster. NO BURNING OR SMOLDERING EMBERS may be disposed on in the ash can as they constitute a potential fire hazard. Extinguish all burning material prior to deposit.


  4. Wood Cutting

    1. Cutting of wood for private use is only allowed within certain areas of the Park. These are:

      1. on your own property

      2. in the designated wood cutting area located across from the corporate yard.

    2. Please be aware that all wood cut within the Park must remain in the Park. This is because California law/ordnance categorizes timber leaving the Park as being “harvested.” “Harvesting” timber in California requires a permit. Anyone not having the requisite permit/s issued by the Department of Forestry can and may be fined by the Department. This applies to all timber cut on private lots and on Park property.

    3. As necessary, the OFSRA Inc. will cut down and/or remove dead or fallen trees from Park property. This wood is moved to the wood cutting area across from the corporate yard. This wood is available for owners and renters to cut, haul to, and use at their property.

  5. Open Burning in Park


    While the U. S. Forest Service and CalFire may from time to time allow open burning in certain areas IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED THAT NO OPEN BURNING TAKE PLACE BY

    ANYONE IN THE PARK AT ANY TIME! If property owners or renters choose to burn on their own they are required to follow the laws regarding necessary permits and when, where and how to burn. If there are any concerns about open fires the Fire Department and or the Department of Forestry will be called for assistance. Be aware that owners may be liable for all damages resulting from fires on their properties.

    1. A Pine Needle Dump is provided within the Park to safely dispose of vegetative material.

    2. There is no burning in the Needle Dump.


  6. Motorized Vehicle Operation

    All motorized vehicles must have a valid DMV registration.

    Licensed Vehicles -

    1. All State and County regulations governing motor vehicle registration and operation apply on all Park property.

    2. Twenty (20) mph speed limit on all roadways (strictly enforced with aid of local Sheriff’s dept.)

    3. Do not park off roadways in the wintertime; observe posted ‘NO PARKING’ signs. This is critical for snow plowing/removal activities. Extra parking is available in the lot by lake and garbage disposal areas. If your vehicle slides off the road in winter, it is your responsibility to remove it as soon as possible so snow removal operations are not impaired.

    4. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

    5. No excessive motor vehicle noise is allowed that would unreasonably disturb any other owner, guest or renter’s enjoyment of the Park.

    6. No inoperable vehicles left on Park roadways or parking areas.

    7. All vehicles must remain on paved roadways (also see Article VIII).

    Unlicensed Motor Vehicles (ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiles, etc.) -

    1. Use on any Park property is prohibited. If an unlicensed vehicle is to be used off Park property (accessed past gates at the Park’s perimeter), they must be trailered to that location and off-loaded.

    2. Upon written request, the Board may give permission for the use of certain unlicensed vehicles. The request must stipulate the particular need for the use of such a vehicle.


  7. Activities Prohibited Anywhere in the Park

    1. Excessive noise that would unreasonably disturb any other owner’s or renter’s enjoyment of his or her lot or the common area, is 80 decibels (EDBA) or greater, or exceeds a level deemed appropriate by the Park Board or which is determined to be inappropriate by the Tuolumne County Sherriff’s Department.

    2. Violation of Park quiet time – 10:00 pm to 8:00 am.

    3. Carrying, possessing or storing loaded firearms unless licensed to do so in accordance with California Law.

    4. Discharging firearms anywhere in the park in accordance with California Law.

    5. Commercial activity without granted-in-writing Board approval.

    6. Dogs constantly barking.

    7. Wasting water or excessive use that causes significant run-off, or as determined by the State of California

    8. Trespassing across private property, unless access is granted by the owner

    9. Use of mountain bikes in Park areas other than on established paths, to prevent destruction of natural state of property.

    10. Dumping of anything anywhere in the park other than at designated sites.

    11. Disposal of hazardous waste (engine oil, batteries, prescription drugs, etc.) directly on the ground or in the garbage.

    12. Keeping water running in homes during wintertime. Please drain systems instead. Any property found to have water running from it will have the water shut off and property owners will be notified of the shut off.

    13. Camping on Park property

    14. Fireworks of any kind

    15. No burning or any open fires are allowed on Park property outside of designated BBQ areas (briquettes only no wood) in the picnic and lake areas.

    Please report any vandalism or other illegal activities to the authorities: Forest Service, Police, CalFire, and also inform the Service Company Board (209-533-7909)



  8. Conditions and Restrictions for Access Across Park Property


    The following conditions and restrictions apply for access across Park property to private property for any reason.

    1. Access must be from an improved (paved) road.

    2. The improvements or other work on a property must remain within the property lines being accessed.

    3. All County codes must be met.

    4. All permits required by the County must be obtained.

    5. Proper culverts must be installed if/as necessary

    6. Before commencement of any work the Board of Directors must approve the proposed removal of any Park trees.

    7. The person seeking approval for the access must be the property owner or legal agent of the owner.

    8. All access through or across Park property is by permission of the Board of Directors before, during or after any improvement to private property under these conditions and restrictions. Owners of private property shall not acquire any prescriptive rights or easements over Park property, and the OFSRA Inc. Board may deny permission to cross or occupy Park property at any time.

    9. The OFSRA Inc. Board may request proof of insurance and appropriate permits applicable to the any work being proposed as a condition for permission to use or cross Park property.

    The following conditions and restrictions apply for access across Park property to private property for routine access to owner’s lots:

    1. The road, drive, or access must remain within the property lines of the property being accessed.

    2. The person seeking approval for the access must be the property owner or legal agent of the owner.

    3. All access through or across Park property is a privilege given by permission of the Board of Directors. Owners of private property shall not acquire any prescriptive rights or easements over Park property, and the OFSRA Inc. Board may deny permission to cross or occupy Park property and may install barriers to prohibit access across Park property at any time.

    4. Owners that are delinquent in paying either their Water or Service company bills by over 90 days may have access privileges revoked and barriers may be installed at the discretion of the OFSRA Board.

    5. If previous private improvements made on Park property are damaged by Park equipment in the normal process of maintaining the Park, the Park will not be responsible for repairs of such improvements.

    California Laws pertaining to alcohol use, including no public intoxication and minors not being allowed to consume alcoholic beverages, apply to all public areas of the Park.



  9. Water System Maintenance Policy

    1. The Park’s water system including infrastructure up to the shut-off valve at individual lots is the responsibility of the Sierra Park Water Company and any work associated with the system will be performed under the direction and supervision of the Water Company Board.

    2. Any water delivery infrastructure to an individual property downstream of the lot’s shut-off valve is personal property and responsibility of the lot owner or their legal designee.

    3. Should a breakage or malfunction occur in the Company’s Water System and it is determined by the Water Company Board that an individual or another company is responsible, they will be informed and expected to pay for the resulting damage.

    4. The Caretaker is an employee of the Water Company. Water Company’s insurance policy does not allow the Caretaker to work on water issues that are on personal property. However, the Caretaker may aide in contacting a qualified plumber by allowing the property owner to use a cell or other phone, if a phone is not available on the property. The Caretaker will also aid by turning the water off at the property’s shut-off valve to contain the damage, if/as needed.


  10. Caretaker’s Responsibilities

1. First and foremost it is the Caretaker’s job to support Water Company operations. Additionally, the Caretaker is available to the OFSRA for Road Maintenance/Snow Plowing and support of ancillary services (common area maintenance, trash management, needle dump management, etc.). Neither the Water or OFSRAs’ insurance policies allow for the Caretaker to do work for individuals nor help on personal property during regularly scheduled hours. These rules also apply to any others employed by the park whether on a full- or part-time or a volunteer basis.


Please make these Rules and Regulations available to your family, visitors and/or renters.


They apply to all persons who visit or live in the Park.