May 2023 Meeting Minutes

May 2023 Meeting Minutes

OFSRA Board of Directors
May 2023 Meeting Minutes



Location: Oddfellows Sierra Park Lodge
Date: May, 13th 2023
Meeting called to order: 9:33 AM


Board Members Present: Jesse Worsham, Michelle Nisbet, Lori Crivelli, Will Martin, John Borges
Absent: Dennis Johnson, Scott Myers
Community Members Present: Maryann Worsham, Brad Niess, Greg Crivelli, Serge Peluso, Rick Nisbet, Mark Meyers, Christin Borges
Community Members on Zoom: unable to get list

April minutes approved
Motion to approve by Will , seconded by Lori . Approved by all board members present.


Presidents Report: Robert has not been around. He had hip replacement surgery. Rick Nisbet has been taking care of things at the park. We hope that Robert will be back in about 8 weeks. Mentioned in fire mitigation they have been working on E. Jordan. The meadow looks good. We are still discovering some deck destruction at homes now that snow is gone. Other than that no issues, everything has been going well.

VP Report: We have a scantron form we will be using for proxy votes as a test. We were not able to send with packets so it will be in person. Direct mail database is being used, we have had a few issues but it is going well. Recycling program will hopefully start up again soon; it will be enclosed in trash area. Only CRV and cans.

Treasurers Report:

Profit & Loss April 2023
Received – $13,334 + $2.86 Interest = $13,336.86
Spent – $62,209.19
Net Operating Income/Loss ($48,875.19)
Bills Paid needing approval:
April 2023
El Dorado Septic $155.51
JS West Propane $96.52
PG&E – ($127.46 + $53.59 + $10.82 - $28.86) = $163.01
AT&T $122.48
Waste Management $,1090.49
Ooma $17.00
Jack Henry $25.00
Card Connect ($4.51)
QuickBooks $55.00
Google $54.00
ADP Payroll Fee $80.16
Bad Debt $5819.00 (write off old uncollectable debt)
Work Comp Insurance $956.00 (Annual Premium)
US Postal Service ($96.00 + $4.85 +$4.85 + 12.60 + $365.40 - $10.00 - $10.00) = $463.70
Staples – Annual Meeting Paper $223.66
US Postmaster – Post Office Box Fee $166.00
Office Expense ($69.64) – correction to prior entry
Payroll (includes payroll taxes) $2372.59 + $2372.61 = $4745.20
Les Schwab $1,170.48
H&S Parts & Service $430.06
Pine Alley Saw Shop $87.75
Twain Harte Lumber $$11.99 + $168.45) = $180.44
Rich’s OutPost Sugar Pine $228.38

Bills Approved:
Lelsie Hauling $45,954.00

Total April $ 62,209.19 Amount needing approval $16,255.19
Motion to approve by Will, seconded by Michelle. Approved by all board members present.

Bank Statement Balances as of 4/30/2023:
Bank of America Ancillary - $224,807.30 includes Fire Mitigation $47,866.46
Bank of America Roads Reserve - $11,993.92
Oak Valley Community Bank Roads - $120,097.21
Oak Valley Community Bank Ancillary Reserve $42,978.11

Receivables: $77,553.87
$1267.00 (not included in total below) paid in collections waiting on check from the collection agency
$78,903.82 = Collections
$3309.00 paying monthly.
$1,524 setting up payment plan – wrote off bad debt property transferred, and judgements were on the old owner
$375 Transfer fee and late fees not paid (will be applied to the next years invoice)

BILLS STILL TO BE PAID by end of fiscal year 5/31/23 – Not yet received
LOAN PAYMENT $24,590 – pay off loan
INSURANCE – estimating $25000 – received
Motion to approve by Will, seconded by Michelle. Approved by all board members present.


Secretary Report: I had a few emails regarding how to become a shareholder. A few emails on what it takes to be a board member. I only had one bio sent in from someone that is not currently on the board. One email came in complaining about the date we have the annual meeting on, resident said that Sunday is a church day and we should move the meeting to Saturdays, he said we would have a better turn out. We had a few emails with appreciation for the communications and the new website. An email came in asking when we would have the fishing derby.


Item #1: Donations for the fishing derby are needed. We are waiting to hear back from the state about moving our derby. We will take cash/checks and toys. We will be selling Sierra Park hats and t shirts. To help fund recreation. We are looking to get fish from same hatchery and will hopefully get them around June 1st.
Item #2: Lori brought up the loan we have. The old OFSRA took out this loan for costs. We have 40,000 left to pay. We can pay it off and saving over $4600.00 in interest. She asked community members at the meeting their opinion about paying it off. Positive feedback was given.
Packets were sent out via mail
Item #3: add clays email


Item #1: no new business

Item #1 Rick asked about the downed tree on someone’s property, Jesse said we will address it. It was too wet and lots of snow so it was not possible. Rick mentioned maybe doing it on a workday.

Item #2 Serge asked if we have to use CA fair plan for the park insurance. Lori said no, we are still able to maintain our insurance without the fair plan for now.

Item #3 Rick asked about the bad debt. Lori explained that the deed was transferred from an owner who owed but has passed. We cannot collect from the family member that the deed went to for past debt. It has been 4 years.

Item #4 Mark asked about pine needle budget, Lori said we need to communicate with contractors that we have a budget and cannot go over it.

Item #5 Serge asked when the pine needle dump will be open. Jesse said the pine needle dump is a swamp with all the water runoff. There is worry of vehicles being stuck. It is at your risk if you get stuck.

Item #6 Brad mentioned the log decks behind his house. He wondered if these will get addressed at some point. Jesse things work groups is a good solution. We have the burn permit now and we can diminish a lot of that. Controlled burn areas are in old campground, another in corp yard.

Item #7 Mark said that he would like to discuss evacuation routes, submitted letters for the board to review from the Sherrif

Item #8 Christin mentioned a log was on a back road, it is not our property but we will check into it when we can.

The meeting ended at 10:13 AM