November 2023 Meeting Minutes

November 2023 Meeting Minutes

OFSRA Board of Directors
November 2023 Meeting Minutes



Location: Oddfellows Sierra Park Lodge
Date: November 11th, 2023
Meeting called to order: 9:33 AM


Board Members Present: Jesse Worsham, Hans Weichart, Dennis Johnson, Scott Meyers, Lori Crivelli (zoom), Michelle Nisbet (zoom) Community Members Present: Mark Meyers, Marianne Worsham, Mike Van Gundy, Beatrice Johnson Community Members on Zoom: Rick Nisbet, Serge Peluso


July minutes approved

Motion to approve by: William Martin seconded by Lori Crivelli. Approved by all board members present.

July minutes approved
October minutes approved Motion to approve by Hans seconded by Scott. Approved by all board members present.


Presidents Report: The lake has been dredged on the inlet side out to six feet and almost all the cattails have been taken out. No more water will be flowing into or out of the lake currently and the lake will be drained by the end of November. There is a bear that is continually getting into the garbage. There is a new chain installed on the front door to help keep the door close and the bear out. Please secure the chain when leaving, w/o it the bear traps itself inside the trash area and creates a bigger mess.

VP Report: We will soon be migrating to using Google Meet instead to Zoom - since google is where our other online services reside, it makes sense to use Google meets, which will also allow us to record and save the meetings.

Treasurers Report: Lori was unable to make the meeting but reported on the status of financials for all accounts and this information was passed out to people present at the meeting as well. All four accounts are currently in good standing with enough operating income to meet our expected needs.

Secretary Report: Emails have gone out with save the dates for our upcoming events. I hope you saved the dates! I will send more as each event gets closer. Someone emailed that they are putting a modular home on their property and had a Question about whether sprinklers are required in new homes. I referred them to the county. Email asking us to please update the webpage and add the minutes. We have done that and apologize, some of us have been swamped at work and with family obligations. Question on the apple orchard asking whether they are edible. In addition, who takes care of it? I replied yes they are and that the caretaker and a few community members do. Lastly, I was informed that we have new owner in the park who has purchased a home on Esther


Item #1: Pine Needles - we are still unsure on burning. Burns are effective vs the 30-50K cost for hauling them away. We will continue to look into how to best go about with burning the pile in a safe manner.

Item #2: Jess is working with two different foresters, Tuolumne County has received 10 million in grant money for fire mitigation. These foresters feel like we may qualify for some of this. We may be able to cut a firebreak around the 80 acres using 1.5 million of it. This is in the preliminary stages of discussion. The project would take about two years to complete. At this time it does not look like we will get the funding, so Jesse is working with the foresters to see if we can get the money from logging the affected area and have the proceeds from this fund the firebreak.

Item #3: The damage to lodge wall has been repaired.

New Business:
Item #1: Outstanding Dues Approximately 35 people have not paid the annual bill, these will go to collections on 11/30



The meeting ended at 10:03 AM